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Getting Started with ExonR

ExonR is an R package that provides bindings to Exon.


ExonR is available in a few ways. The easiest way is to install it from R-universe.

install.packages('exonr', repos = c('', ''))

For both Windows and macOS on x86_64, the pre-built libraries should be a quick install. For other platforms, the package will be built from source. To do that, you'll need to install rust. The main Rust website has a guide for installing rust. Once you have rust installed, you can install ExonR from source with the command above.


For the available functions see the manual.

In short the current functions facilitate reading various file formats into Arrow data structures.

For example, to read a FASTA file as an Arrow RecordBatchStreamReader, you can do the following:


fasta_batch_reader <- exonr::read_fasta_file('path/to/file.fasta')

From there, you can convert the object into a data frame like so:

df <-