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Trent Hauck

We're excited release ExonR. This is an R package that allows for interacting with Exon through an ergonomic R interface.


As a quick example, we can read in a GFF file from S3 and convert it to a GRanges object.


rdr <- read_gff_file(

df <-

gr <- GRanges(
seqnames = df$seqname,
ranges = IRanges(
start = df$start,
end = df$end,


If you're on an x64 machine, you should be able to install a pre-built binary from our R-universe.

install.packages('exonr', repos = c('', ''))

This should also build on other platforms, but you'll need to have Rust installed. The main Rust website has a guide for installing rust. Once you have rust installed, you can install ExonR from source with the command above.